Dress Code for a Limo Chauffeur

 A Chauffeur dress code is a set of rules controlling what garments may be worn by a limousine driver. These rules are flattering by the limousine company that employs the driver. They may set preference colors for suits, have enough child support some uniforms or specific clothes for the driver to wear. However, chauffeur dress code has some universal rules that must be followed if your employee does not make known on the other hand.

Let's see at the chauffeur dress code and what items should be worn by a male chauffeur.

Neck: For corporate runs and night outs tie is optional. However, a tie is required for weddings, graduations and another formal occasions. Bow ties are passable but are uncharacteristic. The extremity button of the collar of the shirt must be ended taking place.

Overcoat can be worn if weather requires. Do not put overcoat on peak of a single shirt. Wear a exploit or a dark jacket.

Suit Jacket: Plain black suits are the preferred unconventional for most limo operators, but any courteous character dark accomplishment is enough too. Your limo company may have a color preference for a encounter.

Shirt: Collared dress shirt is a necessity. It must be tidy and dexterously pressed. White is the universally preferred color for weddings and graduations, and supplementary special occasions. For night outs your chauffeur could be dressed in black elegant shirt too. Any colossal mood white / black shirt will see huge and elegant. Avoid button by the side of collars.

Pants: Suit Pants that must fall in together plus the jacket. Of course, preference for black if not specified instead.

Socks: Black or the linked color as your stroke. If not, at least same darkness as the war. No logos, images of prints should be visible.

Footwear: Dress Leather Pumps. Preferably black, laced taking place. Note: people sometimes sit in judgment you by your shoes. It is a earsplitting idea to invest in allowable leather shoes and tidy them all day.

Do you know about private chauffeur service?

Rings: A wedding or merger field is always allowed. Other rings should be kept away.

Belt: Leather gloves in crime that publicize yes your court measures. No big belt buckles in the announce of logos or symbols.

The plan of chauffeur dress is to represent the company and to make your customers setting in pleasant hands. By taking into consideration this dress code you will appearance professional and expertly-behaved from the second you step out of the limousine. However, the chauffeur needs much more than lonely to follow the dress code to impress the customers. On the subsidiary hand, a satisfying first make public always helps.


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